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Give Joris his own button !

OK, so here we were, looking at Thingiverse ( where this gloriously fabulous cup by Joris popped up.

Well, if you read the description, you will notice that he mentions 'This one was sliced with cura with "joris" activated in the expert settings'

Now, the thing that stood out for us was the fact that there is a setting to activate "joris" in CURA. Now, Holy Batman, we had to see this...

So, quick we downloaded the latest Cura (12.12A) and the cup model. Well, color me purple, this fellow is correct: there is, in fact, a "JORIS" setting in the expert menu of CURA. Wait, wait, the gods of software development have been thoroughly impressed by Joris and not only does he get his own setting, but his own HEADING, under which there is now one setting: "Joris the outer edge". AAAAND, the lesser gods have also been equally impressed that there is even very clear documentation that pops up and very clearly describes the magic of the Joris setting.

No, we won't quote it here because it will ruin the effect it will have when you read what it does.

Well, we just HAD to try that.... I mean... there's a whole setting named after this fellow !

So, we got the hefty file - 52MB model - sliced it, and off we we went printing.

Well, the result was so spectacular, that it's worthy of an intermission.


OK, now we don't know if the cup would look the same without the Joris setting turned on. Frankly, we don't care: 

Give this man a whole button in every piece of STL slicing software available, give this man a whole settings panel, give this man a whole menu option, give this man a whole default profile setting, give this man his own application dialogue window: the result is spectacularly glorious; the result is spell binding... the result is the reason 3D printing was invented !

Give this man a medal. And the medal should have a button that says "Activate Joris" and I bet that if applied to just about anything it would come out exquisite, and fabulous and it would be prancing around like a shiny new Ferrari and it will be good.

Holy Batman is this cup beautiful ! Pictures absolutely do not do it justice. This is one of those things that is so gloriously beautiful that we walk around with one of these cups in our pockets and simply show it to people and say: yeah, our printers can build something this beautiful.

So, Joris, we thank you. Your work is inspiring. Your work is beautiful. Your work is pushing the boundaries of complexity.Your work makes us also feel good about tooling around and obsessing over our printers before we deliver them to a customer because now we can say "Machina 3D printers will Joris really well" (and we mean it in the nicest way possible).

So, give this man a button, give him a menu option, and buy his stuff when you see him.

Here is his website:

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